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July 23rd
6:10 AM


July 22nd
11:42 PM


do hanji and levi miss erwin so much they just put a cardboard cut out of him in between them

11:40 PM

hanji and levi hanging out

hanji: dam this feels awkward
levi: yea
hanji: i have an idea
*pulls out a cardboard cut of erwin*
levi: much better

1:47 PM

finally official pic of hanji and me

11:57 AM

a message from Anonymous

Because of you, I seemed to have developed a massive crush on Adachi orz


July 21st
10:53 AM

a message from Anonymous

i want to use this summer as an opportunity to get better at my art. so far my art is really good though with my own standards but ive never really experimented much with really dynamic poses. what process did you go through to better yourself? did you do studies etc? thank you s much in advance, love your art work and how everything is well structured and coloured in!

thinking positive of your art is good i like that! even if you feel good about your art remember to always keep looking for improvement and how to get even more good so you dont get stuck.

as for dynamic poses the trick is to exaggerate everything???? i have this thing to not think too much for perfect anatomy when doing silly poses haha u_u sometimes trying to make something look too perfect leads to make it look boring… but thats just me.

i dont know if you have seen the works of yusuke murata i recommend you to look for them HIS WORK IS ALWAYS SO NICE TO LOOK i cry ahaha (READ EYESHIELD 21 AND ONE-PUNCHMAN. SO MUCH DYNAMIC POSES) i also like yusuke kosaki bc of his illustrations in no more heroes, they were so cool with so much perspective *-*

10:32 AM

a message from Anonymous

I'm sorry if you have already answered this but I was wondering how long you have been drawing? You are such an inspiration to me! I just love love love your art.

eehh i never know how to respond this lets just say since a long time. most people who draw have been doing it since kids so… yeah. people improve at their own peace and i think the best thing is to always look for new things??? and not stop drawing (but of course i also think there are times you should give yourself a break when necessary) idk i dont consider myself someone who should give advice on this djfhkjdlfd

thank you so much! :)

6:54 AM
i got this bruh

i got this bruh

July 20th
3:55 AM
endless despair!
for my friend terumi because he is the coolest ^o^

endless despair!
for my friend terumi because he is the coolest ^o^

July 19th
2:56 PM

a message from Anonymous

Your enthusiasm for hanpeto gives me life. Gracias

i must guide everyone to the path of hanpeto

July 18th
11:16 AM

a message from Anonymous

IS IT HANJI OR HANGE ive always womdered this and need to know

hange official english i think but i always forget and i prefer hanji hahua uuhhhhh i dont think this even matters (also hansi is still the cutest even if is bad translation)

6:08 AM
4:51 AM
nice isopod

nice isopod

1:10 AM

a message from Anonymous

¿Como comenzaste a dibujar hanpeto? umm no se si me explico bien, quiero decir como comenzó su amor por el hanpeto?

hanpeto history

porque no paraban de preguntarme que ship me gustaba y ya estaba cansada de decirles que no me interesaban los ships y esas vainas asi que me dio por dibujar a esas dos para tener una repuesta como broma pero a la gente le termino gustando y a mi también y aquí estoy????


12:40 AM